Happy 212 Old Ironsides!

Via JayG, inmate 3354623 of MA.

The USS Constitution, the oldest ship in the US Navy, celebrates her 212th birthday today with a trip around Boston Harbor.


The USS Constitution celebrates Old Ironsides’ 212th birthday this morning with a 17-gun salute and a 90-minute tour of the Boston Harbor.

The world’s oldest warship afloat leaves for its voyage at 8 a.m. with Cmdr. Timothy Cooper at the helm.

“We’re taking the ship out to sea to pay homage to her history and unique accomplishments in service to the United States,” said Cooper, who assumed command of the vessel on July 24. “This is my first time going underway aboard Old Ironsides as the ship’s captain so, I am very excited about this opportunity to take the ship out to the harbor, which are few.”

I’ve walked the decks of the Constitution and it’s truly a remarkable thing that we’ve managed to preserve her in operating condition for over two centuries.

It must be an incredible honor and privilege to command such a beauty and I wish Commander Cooper a safe and memorable voyage.

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  1. Ride Fast says:

    Nice to see JayG has finally been issued his inmate number.

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  3. hellferbreakfast says:

    If the family history is correct. I have an ancestor, Admiral Glisson that may have commanded this ship during the revolution. Great to see her still in capable hands.