Texas Carry Updates

Just 20%? I would have thought it would be higher.

When it comes to packing heat, the I-Team found Texas lawmakers to be at least ten times more likely to have a concealed handgun license than the average Texas adult.

“I’ve had my concealed carry license for several years,” said Senator Kel Seliger.

Senator Seliger is one of the nearly 20% of state lawmakers who told the I-Team they have an active concealed license.

Gotta love that MSM lingo. “Lawmakers” and “I-Team”. No wonder no one reads their crap.

Meanwhile, the Fort Worth Startlegram is reporting on the upcoming push for open carry in Texas. As usual they uncritically report the most idiotic statement on the subject they can find.

“If you see someone with a holster on, are you just to assume this is a law-abiding person?” said McCartney, state president of the North Texas Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. “Are you to assume this person is safe to be around your family? People don’t know this.

“It’s common sense thrown out a window.”

It must be a sad existence to be that paranoid.

Fortunately, most people don’t agree with the paranoid Ms. McCartney.

Visit OpenCarry.org for details on open carry in all the states.

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One Response to Texas Carry Updates

  1. James says:

    McCartney is a fool. Seeing a properly holstered pistol is no sign of a criminal. I’m not aware of too many criminals who even own a holster, nor do I think they would even openly carry if they could.

    Let’s hope our legislators pass OC this time around. I would also like to see campus carry pass as well.

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