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The ad liberals don’t want you to see

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The cat is so very out of the bag now

Thanks to the Streisand effect, the Defense Distributed Liberator is getting more publicity than ever. You would think that someone at the State Department would remember the PGP T-Shirt. Knowing something can be done is usually all it takes to … Continue reading

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Liberal Magical Thinking

Liberals, almost universally, have a problem with magical thinking. If something bad is happening, pass a law! Any law will do, after all it’s for SAFETY! or THE CHILDREN! or THE ENVIRONMENT! The law is a magic spell that will … Continue reading

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Classes != Training

I see the “training” thing is still circling the drain of the Internet, refusing to go down. Maybe I can throw some gasoline on the fire. Training is repeating an action until it becomes muscle memory. You can’t train for … Continue reading

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Privacy is dead, get over it.

ZOMG! The cell phone companies are tracking me! Yeah, and so is everyone else. I’m gonna keep beating this like a dead horse. There is no such thing as privacy. There never was. The bank always knew about your finances, … Continue reading

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Batteries and Recalibration

I’ve seen some confusion on the Internerd about batteries and recalibration. Maybe this will help. As you use the lithium ion battery in your phone or computer, charging and discharging it, it gradually loses it’s ability to store electricity. Most … Continue reading

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