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You wouldn’t believe the room I got at the HI Express in La Mesa.

If you have to visit the People’s Republic of California, this ain’t a bad way to go. Those are two king size beds, and there’s a sofa and flat screen TV on the wall over to the left.   The whole room is about 30’x30′.  It’s as big as the entire upstairs of my house.

So to bring things up to date, first a baby picture:

Here’s the little tyke getting it’s first feeding with a transfer from the last Time Machine backup from the old MBP.   I’m in love with the LED screen and this MBP runs considerably cooler than the old one.  I hated to have to buy it this close to a probable update of the MBP line, but since I had no choice, I can go ahead and enjoy it.

Moving on, the traditional hotel room view.  This is from the Stadium Holiday Inn next to the Link in Philly.

It looks like they finally took the big crane down from the Comcast Building.  It was an overcast, dreary day but I didn’t get shot so it evened out.   Had a great steak from Talk Of The Town Monday night. (If you order a steak in Philly you get a sandwich, not a slab of meat on a plate. And EVERY restaurant sells them, even the Chinese take out places.)

Did you ever wonder what was under your seat at an NFL stadium? No two stadiums are alike, but frequently it looks something like this:

And last, here’s a shot of the wing of an MD80, at 34,000 feet, somewhere over the desert between Texas and California.  I like the color of the sky that far up.  If you look up it’s a very dark blue and you can almost imagine what a sub-orbital flight might be like.  



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