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It’s easier to arrest the non-violent ones.

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Note to Apple:

In 2007 the “i” in iPhone was a nice little nod to the Internet in your pocket while fooling the people into thinking you were selling a phone. Now that it’s 2013 you can drop the gag and stop calling … Continue reading

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The All-In-One Project

Before last week, SQRPT was produced on three computers. One was an Asterisk PBX that handled the incoming DID (for the call-in number), one does the Skype and the other records the show, sends it to the Icecast server and … Continue reading

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Monday Self Censorship

Good luck with that. If you refused administrative punishment and requested a court-martial you’ll be breaking rocks for a few years. Says the beta male. Oh yeah, milk that franchise. Yes, actually, I do think I’m better than you. LOL! … Continue reading

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The Intrinsic Value of Journalism

(Cross posted from Facebook because blogs are dead.) This morning I was listening to journalists complain about how hard it is to get paid for doing journalism. And I thought, “It’s interesting how much “journalism” relied on limited access to … Continue reading

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Press != Journalist

In light of the Senate trying to define “Journalist” it’s time to repeat something I said before. The first amendment “freedom of the press” isn’t about journalism. “the press” referred to in the amendment isn’t “The Press” as we refer … Continue reading

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Self Sensorship

  That’s what I just said. You missed a spot over there. Ah yes, the “no true Scotsman” fallacy! I would if I could. And that’s how you know it’s jumped the shark. At least you admit it. Because you … Continue reading

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A new low standard for sleazy in the gun biz.

I received this email yesterday from “”. Dear Alan, My name is David Smith and I work for Your website, has sparked our interest. Recently we have realized that we are in need of high ranking blogs about … Continue reading

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Another incredibly bad idea

Apple patents would allow the government to disable iPhone camera and WiFi. The perfect thing to stop those pesky civilians from recording police behaving badly.

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