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Lavender to reintroduce open carry bill in 2014

According to the Dallas Morning News, Representative George Lavender plans on introducing an open carry bill in 2014. Of course the TSRA is against it, as usual: “Alice Tripp, a lobbyist for the Texas State Rifle Association, said her organization … Continue reading

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Why anti-open carry? Fear

If you’re anti-X then it’s pretty likely that you’re afraid of X. Most people aren’t anti-things they’re not afraid of. I think the anti-open carry folks are scared to open carry much like the anti-gun folks are scared of guns. … Continue reading

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Open Carry Motivator

Bob G sent me this based on a comment I made on Another Gun Blog.

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Rob Pincus could not be more wrong

Rob Pincus doesn’t think that anyone should open carry. I think Open Carry is a poor choice in populated areas when you have other options (CCW) to be armed for personal protection. I vehemently believe that you should NOT carry … Continue reading

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Open Carry Day – June 5th

June 5th has been proclaimed Open Carry Day! And by proclaimed, I mean a few people decided it would be fun to do. Just because they can. No other reason needed.

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A little more on open carry in Texas

After wading through the Texas CHL Forum, the arguments against open carry seem to boil down to: 1. ZOMG! It might scare people into putting up a no guns allowed sign. 2. No one open carries where it’s legal anyway … Continue reading

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Open Carry dead in Texas for now

HB 2756, the bill that would have allowed CHL holders to open carry didn’t make it to the calender for this session and is effectively dead. The bill was a long shot since the TSRA didn’t support it* and it … Continue reading

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Texas Open Carry – Action Needed

If you live in Texas call your state representative and tell them to get moving on HB 2756. Time is short. If we can’t get this bill onto the floor by May 12th we wait until 2013 to try again.

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Man with gun doesn’t terrorize park!

In fact, no one cared. So much for blood in the streets.

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Open Carry Bill Passes Texas House Committee

Well, I didn’t expect this at all. The House Committee on Homeland Security and Public Safety wants to take the concealed part out of concealed handgun licenses. The committee voted 5-3 in favor of a bill that would remove the … Continue reading

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